The perfect Hunting Ammo For your personal Rifle, Shotgun or Muzzleloader.

For most hunters their pre-season is focused around obtaining their chief bit of hunting equipment; a deer hunting rifle. Once this selection is created, then having the most effective hunting ammo offered to fill the chamber is the next order of business. To simply help with the selection of the finest ammunition for your rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader; I’ve listed what I consider to be the most effective hunting ammo obtainable in these categories; centerfire ammo, slug ammo and muzzleloader ammo.

Centerfire Ammunition

• Federal Premium Vital Shok- Federal’s “Trophy Bonded Tip” possess a solid copper shank and exterior skiving on the bullet which facilitates perfect expansion at any range. This bullet supplies bone crushing energy to the prospective every time 30-30 ammo for sale. Federal Premium has expanded this line to include a 140-grain 7mm Rem. Magnum, 140-grain 7mm WSM and a 160-grain 7mm STW.
• Hornady Superformance- With many changes in the propellants found in their loads, Horandy prides itself on having higher velocity than its competitors. Hornady uses normal charge weights with other specialized powders to achieve these results. Superformance is found in.243 Win., 6mmRem.,.257 Roberts, 25-06 Rem., 6.5 Creedmoor and.270 Rem.
• Winchester SuperX PowerMax- Winchester has perfected the protected hollow-point (PHP) jacketed bullet. The PowerMax can be acquired in.243,.30-06,.300Win. Mag.,.300 WSM (my personal favorite), 7mm Rem. Mag and 7mm WSM.

Slug Ammunition

• Federal Fusion Shotgun Slugs- Federal continues the innovations and selections inside their Fusion line of ammo. The most recent loads leave the barrel between 1,450- 1,700 fps. New additions to the line in the 12-guage & 20-guage categories are a 3inch, 7/8 ounce sabot slug and a 2 3/4 inch, 7/8 ounce sabot slug.
• Remington AccuTip Sabot Slug- This line is topped with a PowerPort Tip. This tip helps to handle expansion from 5-200 yards. This slug is designed for 12-guage, fully rifled barrels only.

Muzzleloader Ammunition

• Powerbelt Platinum Series- Powerbelt continues to enhance to its Platinum Series with the addition of a brand new grain weight and plating process, both that are supposed to intensify penetration and accuracy. The most recent installment in this series is a 300-grain,.50 caliber bullet.
• Hornady FPB- With.50 caliber projectiles obtainable in either 300 or 350-grain; Hornady proudly boasts on its website that this ammunition is “among the easiest loading muzzleloader projectiles on the market.” These projectiles also feature Hornady’s Flex Tip technology.

Additional information about these and every other ammunition is found by visiting the manufacturer’s websites. Choosing the most effective performing hunting ammo will certainly help to improve your likelihood of success in the field.

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