An introduction to dry herb vaporizers for complete newbies

A dry herb vaporizer is a device that heats up dried cannabis flowers to generate a gas (vapour) that contains plant material.

When using a dry herb vaporizer, users may inhale the extracted flavours and fragrances of the dried plant while getting the full benefits of the herb.

Dried cannabis flowers are placed in a chamber and used to power this kind of vaporizer. Some vaporizers use a cannabis oil concentrate housed in a cartridge for their oil concentration. This vaporizer, on the other hand, does not make use of them.

Different types of dry herb vaporizers are available.

Dry herb vaporizers are now divided into two main categories: portable and desktop.

Portable vaporizers, which are commonly referred to as “vape pens” because of their small size, are sometimes referred to as both. With its small and lightweight design, it’s easy to take about in any bag or drawer at home while it’s not in use.

As a result of its small size and portability, it is great for taking quick enail kit, impulsive hits whenever the urge strikes. Because they can only hold a little amount of ground herb, portable dry herb vaporizers are best used by one person or shared between one and two people. Learn more about these portable dry herb vaporizers by watching the video below.

How vaporizers for dried herbs work

In order to produce clouds of vapour, dry herb vaporizers heat cannabis flowers in their chambers, which results in vaporising them.

To heat the dry cannabis to the proper temperature, this kind of dry herb vaporizer employs both conduction and convection, two separate methods. The dry cannabis within the vaporizer is heated by conduction, which entails putting it in direct contact with the heating element. The heating chamber of a conduction-heated vaporizer is usually often made up of an open flame. As a result, the cannabis blossom catches fire, erupting in a puff of vapour.

Convection heating vaporizers, on the other hand, employ a liquid or gas as a medium through which heat may be transferred. You inhale via a chamber where hot air is blown over the dried marijuana every time you use your dry herb vaporizer. The cannabis flower is not burned in this process.

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