All you Planned to Recognize about Magic Mushrooms.

Magic mushroom is a hallucinogen which makes people see, feel and hear things that actually do not exist. Owing to its property, it’s often used by those who would like to obtain a high. Those who abuse magic mushrooms experience anxiety, nausea and muscle twitches. However, they do not get hooked on magic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin mushrooms.

In accordance with revolvy.com, “Psilocybin mushrooms have likely been used since prehistoric times and might have been depicted in rock art and pre-Columbian historical materials in Mesoamerica psilo delic. Many cultures used these mushrooms inside their religious rites and ceremonies.”

A few facts

Magic mushroom contains psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance. It may be consumed in the proper execution of tea, as food, mixing them with other foods, some even coat them with chocolates to ward off the bitter taste.

It takes about 30 minutes to see the effects of magic mushroom after consumption, and the person’s perception of color, sound, and light changes. You will find active hallucinations after consuming this magic mushroom. People tend to see trails of moving objects and start to feel nauseated. There are often muscle weakness in such cases along with other physical changes. These flustered experiences appear to last from three to eight hours.

Dependence and potential harm

Psilocybin in magic mushrooms develops tolerance in an individual and as time passes more and more of the mushrooms are required to have the desired effect. Although there is no known dependence on mushrooms, it has been observed that people develop a reliance on a psychological level.

But, psilocybin has effects which are difficult to control. Symptoms like anxiety, panic, and nausea are typical among people who use mushrooms. For many, the consequential hallucinations are very potent that they believe it is very difficult to decipher it from reality. This, in turn, can inflict harm on the users in the proper execution of injuries and accidents and a propensity to harm others.

Mental effects of magic mushrooms

People using magic mushrooms tend to lighten and they often laugh or giggle a lot. They experience mental clarity, emotions become lighter and senses are heightened. Negative mental effects may include distortion of reality, altered sense of time, mood changes, confusion, fear, paranoia, etc.

As short-term effects, some individuals could also experience numbness in the face area, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, dry mouth, loss of urinary control, chills, shivering, etc.

Long-term effects are not really known. However, it can be said that there surely is psychosis in a few because of prolonged usage of magic mushrooms. Over time, it could alter the thinking pattern of an individual and he or she could have delusions. The behavior could also change in users who tend to become quite disorganized. Combining it with other substances, like alcohol, is dangerous as it can cause more complications.

Addiction treatment

Despite various effects, people do not get hooked on magic mushrooms. However, they are able to get tolerant to this drug and wind up employing a large amount within a instance which will be detrimental. Even the short-term effects might be threatening, at the least during the time of experiencing the effects.

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